Construction Stone Chips, gravel stone, Aggregate,crushed stone

Construction stone chips Co. have three large gravel mines and factory which can crush small stone block into stone chips .Annual production capacity :more than 100-150 million tons. If working with long-term contract, the supply ability can be 300,000 tons per months .

Construction stone chips Co.Ltd locate in Fujian ,China It  has become one of the largest manufacturers in the region.It yields over 200,000 cubic meter of different sizes gravel for all kinds of construction application,such as road construction, railway construction etc .We offer Stone Chips in different sizes including 20-22 mm, 10-12 mm and 0-6 mm to cater diverse demands of the construction sector

Our stone chips , crushed stone is used in various construction project (Road construction, buliding , railway construction, bridge ). We also supply stone chips as . ballast for vessels, you can load stone chips in China port as ballast in vessels , and sell stone chips to contractor when arriving destination.