Construction Stone Chips, gravel stone, crushed stone

Black stone chips is an important series of stones, different from the ordinary stone we promoted before. Black stone is the best anti-sliding materials for road and airport runway, it has many advantages, such as strong resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance of the adhesion of asphalt, less draught , poor Conductive property, strong compression, strong corrosion resistance, adhesiveness of asphalt, etc.

Black stone chips is used for bridge construction, expressway , high-speed rail, air port construction etc which request big hardness, big density stone chips .

Our black stone chips come from the best black granite quarry , 90% up is black granite chips . We offer black stone chips for bridge and high-speed rail project most.

Hardness of black stone chips is bigger than grey stone chips . Black stone chips are used for bridge and high –speed rail mostly .We have supplied white /grey stone chips to new international airport in Xiamen, China , subway No.1 and Subway No. 3 in Xiamen.

Our black stone chips ( Black crushed stone ) are used for Padma Bridge construction